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The Email News Letter of SoCal SAAC

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I.       News

A.     SAAC Press Release

November 25, 2007 - Sharon, CT.

SAAC is very proud of its numerous accomplishments over the past 33 years and is looking forward to a bright future for the many years ahead.

The strength of the club is its 5,000 loyal members and the dedicated staff of volunteers who share a passion for the exciting cars built by Shelby American. They all understand the value of an independent car club run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, as opposed to a club managed by a company whose objective is to sell automobiles, parts, automotive services and merchandise to its members. The company- run club is always vulnerable to the inevitable changes in corporate personnel, budgets and marketing strategies. On the other hand, the independent enthusiast club is financed by its members’ dues and is only accountable to them. It always has their best interests in mind.

One of SAAC’s most important missions is to protect the integrity of the marque against the dishonest, the revisionists and the counterfeiters. Over the decades, as a result of tens of thousands of volunteer man- hours, SAAC has amassed a comprehensive data base of information on each Shelby vehicle. SAAC has assisted countless owners verifying the authenticity and history of their cars. The club has protected many Shelby enthusiasts non-members from being victimized by dishonorable and deceitful individuals and will continue to do so. The data is the basis of the club’s registry which is published every ten years and contains information gathered since the previous edition was printed. This ongoing effort is greatly responsible for the high values of the cars because current and future owners have confidence in the integrity of the history and authenticity of the cars.

Regrettably, Carroll Shelby has announced that he will not be renewing SAAC’s licensing agreement to use his name in conjunction with the operation of the club. SAAC has never been given a reason for this termination. Among other things, Shelby has demanded the handing over of all documents regarding the registry of all Shelby vehicles by SAAC since January 1, 1996. Please see the attached letter from Mr. Shelby's lawyers, M. Neil Cummings & Associates.

Initial indications from SAAC’s legal counsel are that Shelby’s many demands are without legal merit. As a result, SAAC has no choice other than to vigorously defend the clubs’ and its members’ proprietary information, property and rights.

In order to properly respond to Mr. Shelby's demands, SAAC has established a legal defense fund. Make no mistake: the body of information on these cars that SAAC members have contributed and its registrars have compiled is all that separates the originals from the fakes. Without tight control of this information, it would be impossible for anyone to ascertain which cars were legitimate and which were not. Rather than causing all cars to continue to increase in desirability and value, they would all plummet. We have not worked for 33 years to suddenly allow this to happen. Likewise, for all SAAC members, this is not a tennis match where you can afford to sit on the sidelines and dispassionately watch the match. The club needs each member to assist in its defense by donating to the defense fund.

We know we are on the right side of this. Unfortunately, it takes more than just knowing you are right. You have to have solid counsel appear with you in court. And in our legal system that has a price. If you believe in what the club is doing SAAC needs your support by way of a donation to the legal defense fund. There is no minimum amount. Donations can be made by check (payable to "SAAC Legal Defense Fund") or by Visa or MasterCard (click here to contribute online).

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is when good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

SAAC will continue to serve its members through its national award winning publications, regions, member services, on-line forum and national convention. The club is greatly appreciative of the steadfast support and dedication of its members, volunteers and sponsors.

Ken Eber, Rick Kopec, Howard Pardee

B.     Carroll Shelby Press Release

Carroll Shelby Licensing Responds to Comments by Ken Eber and Rick Kopec

Saturday December 8, GARDENA, Calif., Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Carroll Shelby, CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., (CSL) has issued a statement in response to allegations made by the owners of the organization formerly known as the Shelby American Automobile Club.


"I wanted to explain my concerns to the members of the Shelby American Automobile Club directly, but couldn't because SAAC has refused to give me a list of its members, even though the licensee agreement with SAAC requires them to allow me access to their books and records. So I am being forced to share the facts through a news release.

Rick Kopec and Ken Eber, two of the individuals who run the for-profit business called SAAC, have said that they don't know why we didn't renew their annual license. That's not true. We've sent e-mails, made phone calls and mailed letters explaining our concerns for quite some time. Except for the message noted at, they went unanswered. For the past several years, I've repeatedly told them that I was unhappy with their disregard of the reporting requirements of their license agreement and the way they managed the club. And, for the past eight years, their business hasn't kept the terms of its extremely favorable agreement with my licensing company, Carroll Shelby Licensing.

Here are the primary reasons that we did not renew the license for this business:

-- For many years, I loaned truckloads of memorabilia to the club and provided 1960s production records for the registry; Kopec and Eber promised that everything would be returned to me whenever I asked. In fact, that's what Kopec admits to on page 11 of the last printed edition of the "Shelby American World Registry," which was published in 1997. But they have refused to do so, and I'm told they have sold many of the items, like cancelled Shelby American checks, over the Internet and the like. This is not what anyone had in mind when I let them borrow my things, or my licensing company granted them a license.

-- Under the terms of their licensing agreement with CSL, they were required to provide annual and quarterly sales reports, as well as certified statements of sales and a full audit. Also, if requested, they were to allow us 'free and full access' to their books, records and accounts. They have not done any of these things, even though I've personally asked them many times.

-- They've never provided proof of the basic liability insurance required by the license agreement. This could expose me personally and all of my companies to enormous liability.

-- They failed for nine years to even ask for, much less receive advance approvals from CSL of the thousands of products and product designs they've been selling under license, even though the license agreement clearly states that this failure is grounds for "immediate" termination.

-- They didn't even pay the $1 per year licensing fee for the past nine years.

-- CSL not only has the right not to renew SAAC's license (which was made for only one year at a time for a reason), but in light of their continued disregard for the license agreement requirements, my trademarks and other intellectual property rights are at great risk if I allow this to continue.

Kopec and Eber say SAAC has 5,000 members who pay almost a quarter-million dollars in dues each year. Then there are advertising revenues, sponsorships and money made at the SAAC national convention. In return, from what I can tell, members receive just one mediocre publication and a couple of classified advertising newsletters.

And where is the Registry that has been promised year after year? The last one was published 10 years ago. I have received many calls from people who have paid hundreds of dollars for a Registry; they have threatened lawsuits against me and my companies because they have not received their book. The basic information in the Registry about colors, how many cars were built, etc., should be regularly updated and available online for instant access by members.

Kopec and Eber recently offered sponsorship of the club to a kit car maker. I have no issue with the individuals who buy kit cars and love the Shelby brand. But, would GM let Chrysler sponsor the Corvette Club? Would Harley Davidson ignore an attempt by Kawasaki to sponsor the Harley Owners Group?

I tried for years to address changes that should be made, but my requests fell on deaf ears. Some of the correspondence concerning this matter can be found at So my licensing company and I asked Eber and Kopec to return the 1960s records and items they originally promised to give back to me, as well as those they have collected over the years using my name under license. And I told them that they can't use my name or the name of my company anymore, and to dispose of their inventory as required by the license agreement.

Now they want club members to give them hard-earned money to defend their business interests. Eber and Kopec are asking people to help sue me when they won't even tell anyone, much less my licensing company, how much money the club has made over the years collecting member dues and selling 'Shelby' memorabilia and merchandise for a royalty fee of only $1.00. Are they fighting me because they're really afraid for the Registry or do they fear giving us financials, which they've been required to do, but refused? Shelby enthusiasts, as well as SAAC club members and registrars deserve better. They should have a club that provides good value and benefits everyone who is involved. They deserve a club that leverages technology to share information and runs events that encourage people to enjoy their cars. They deserve to be treated with class and respect. To say that Team Shelby will negatively impact the value of Shelby cars is ridiculous. I've received probably 250 telephone calls from people asking me to check on whether a particular Cobra or Mustang they wanted to buy is authentic. The next thing I hear from them is that Ken Eber has bought it. Where I come from, when there's that much smoke there's usually some sort of fire!

Also, I've been told many times by members that Ken Eber has said that he doesn't need Carroll Shelby. Well, now he won't have to bother with me and I won't have to bother with him. And, it seems to me that they make enough money that they don't need to go around poor-mouthing to the Club members to finance their legal defense fund against me. Shame on both of them! And, as far as Ken and Rick's associate, Mr. Pardee, the Club members should ask him how much of my personal memorabilia is being stored in his garage that, by all rights, should come back to me. Even though the three of them have slandered me by making public statements that I am 'evil,' I'm still entitled to get my personal belongings back. Who can disagree with that?

The bottom line is my legacy should be left in the hands of my family and real enthusiasts. I want to extend an offer to the local clubs to contact my office and arrange for a license to use the Shelby and Cobra name at the same base cost that we offered SAAC of $1. This will allow them to continue their great work.

It's my right to stop letting someone use my name and the name of my legacy company, Shelby American, when they won't listen to me or keep the terms of the licensing agreement they signed many years ago. Team Shelby won't be run that way. You have my word on it."

About Carroll Shelby Licensing

Automotive manufacturer and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby is one of the most famous and successful high performance visionaries in the world. In 1998, he founded Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., which is the exclusive holder of trademarks and vehicle design rights for some of the most famous muscle cars and high-performance vehicles. CSL also holds trademark rights for Shelby- branded apparel, accessories and collectibles. For additional information about the company or licensing opportunities, call (310) 914-1843 or visit


Editor Note: Steve McKay is researching the Shelby Licensing for the club.

C.     The Budweiser Remote Holder

   Here is the history of the NASCAR TV remote holder that is returned every year at the Christmas party.

   Mary Urcan received the remote holder as a gift sometime in 1995.  She wrapped it up and brought it to the Christmas party in 1996.  I picked it as my gift.  No one wanted to steal my gift or trade after the party.  I was a little peeved that Mary would bring a gift that some one had given her and I had seen at her house more than once.  So the plan was hatched that very evening.  I would return it the following year and see what happens.  For 1997 I brought my legitimate gift and the TV remote holder.  Bob Smith's wife Judie was the (un)lucky recipient. Well to my surprise it came back in '98 and every year since.  In 1999 Dave Cawthorne received the gift that keeps on showing up. However he decided he wanted to keep it. (He collected NASCAR stuff at the time) Mary ended up stealing it from him to keep it in "play". Here is the complete list of "owners" (caretakers) of the TV remote control holder.

·        1995 Mary Urcan

·        96 Dave Ham
·        97 Judie Smith
·        98 Virgil Benton
·        99 Dave Cawthorne, Stolen By Mary Urcan
·        00 Brandon (Roland Eddy's Grandson)
·        01 Craig Wright
·        02 Craig Turner
·        03 Howard Gire
·        04 Roland Eddy
·        05 Bobbi Bennett
·        06 Steve Mckay
·        07 Steve Thomas
   The remote holder looks like Bill Elliot's '90's Budweiser NASCAR.  

Steve Thomas this years remote "owner" owns the real Bill Elliot Budweiser NASCAR.  So there is a chance the gift won't come back next year.

D.    President’s Letter to the Membership

I am honored to be given the opportunity to serve the club for 2008. We have a significant legacy to carry on for generations to come. I would like to set as a club goal for SoCal SAAC to be a venue for those that have, to help those that want and need in High Performance Motorsports. We, the club membership, have vast amounts of experience and knowledge that we can offer to as a group to those that are new to the hobby.  This year we hope to expand our membership participation in number areas. I have talked to a number of folks and many ideas have come to light.

·        Meeting at Symbolic Motor Cars.

·        Info on the SB100 process.

·        Insurance available for Kit cars.

·        Club participation at the Big 3 swap meet.

·        Create club banners, brochures, and stickers in addition the club cards.

·        Meeting/Event at Don Prudhomme’s shop.

·        Open Track with the Porsche Club.

·        Bus trip to the Peterson Museum.

·        Bus trip to Jay Leno’s shop.

·        Club attendance to local SCCA solo runs.

·        Visit JMC in Kearny Mesa.

·        Provide Mentors for Open Track and Vintage Racing.

·        Open Track Challenge; Ford – Ferrari.

·        Club Yearly Trophy; High Mileage Award for the most on track miles.

·        And to again attend, SD Auto Museum and Jim & Beth’s Philion NASCAR garage

This is your club, and the board is there to respond to the wishes of the membership. The best way to have your voice heard is at the monthly meetings, both board and membership. The board is ready to help all those that participate in any way we can.

Thanks, Bob Marek

II.    Meetings / Reports

A.     Dec Board Meeting Report

                                 SoCal SAAC Executive Board Meeting

                                            12-6-2007     7:00PM

 In Attendance:  Bob Marek, Steve McKay, Craig Wright, Tony Loya, Chuck Miller, John Mavis, Les Werling and Paul Collins.   

·        Discussions were held regarding Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. and their decision to not renew the license of SAAC.  This affects all use of the Shelby name, as in local clubs, and the closing of SAAC and the return of all items including the SAAC registry.  The board voted to contribute $1000 to the SAAC defense fund.  This will be presented to the club at the brief meeting at the Christmas party.

·        Mike Norton:  A high school student who’s deceased father was a member.  The board voted to grant him an honorary membership until age 21 and one free grand prix at a go-kart track.

·        Should the club purchase an Eastwood fender flaring tool?  Vote: No

·        Should the club continue to provide food at the executive board and catered regular club meetings?  Vote: Yes

·        Club stickers will be mailed by Pam Bowdry to paid-up members who have not yet received them.

·        New officers for 2008 were “elected”.

o       President:              Bob Marek

o       Vice-president:     Steve McKay

o       Treasurer:             Charlie King

o       Secretary:             John Mavis

o       Advisory Board:  Tim Crain and Wayne Hadaway

o       Webmaster:          Craig Wright

o       Les Werling will be organizing the “Car Corral” at Coronado again next year.  We discussed various marketing ideas to increase attendance and insure that the races continue, especially since Chrysler pulled its major support for the event.

     Meeting adjourned at 9PM.

Submitted by: Secretary John Mavis

B.     2007 Membership Report

   We have 118 members.  The alphabet is covered from A to Z, Tony Albin 

- Bob Zook.  Of those 118 members four are women. The newest member is Paul Collins.  We still have our first members also. J.Bittle started the Club back in the last century and Dave Cawthorne was a charter member.

   Our members live in four states, California, Arizona, Montana, and North Carolina.  Looking over the roster I think almost every city in our county has at least one member living there.  San Diego, La Mesa, Oceanside, El Cajon, Santee, Escondido, Lakeside, Poway, Spring Valley, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Bonita, La Jolla, Ramona, Encinitas, Lemon Grove, San Marcos, Chula Vista, Alpine, Valley Center, Fallbrook, Olivenhain, 

and Pauma Valley are where we call home.  Other California cities where our members live are Benicia, Cathedral City, San Juan Capistrano, and Lake Elsinore.

   On our membership application we ask for a listing of a Club car. The following is a list of members cars by brand and make.  Some members have more than one Club car, however I have only listed one car per member.



FFR, ERA, CSX2000, CSX4000, CSX7000, CSX Spec Racer, Backdraft, Johnex, NAF, Superformance, Classic, JBL Motorsports, Street Beast, Brock Coupe, Contemporary, and Shell Valley.



65 G.T.350, 66 G.T.350, 66 G.T.350H, 67 G.T.350, 67 G.T.500, 68 G.T.350, 67 .T.500, 67 G.T.500KR, 06 Shelby GT-H, 07 Shelby GT, 07 Shelby GT500, 07 Shelby CS8.


Shelby Replicas: 
65 G.T.350 R Model, 66 G.T.350H, 66 G.T.350 Convertible, 69 G.T.500 Convertible.
Shelby Inspired: 
Sunbeam Tiger, TVR Griffith, Viper, Viper GTS, 06 Ford  GT.


66 Coupe, 66 Convertible,  67 Coupe, 67 Fastback, 68 Coupe, 69 Cobra Jet, 69 Mach 1, 70 Mach 1, 70 Boss 302, 71 Coupe, 71 Mach 1, 86, 88 GT, 04, 06 GT.


Other Fords:

36 Ford Modified, 64 Ranchero, 64 Falcon Sprint Convertible, 69 Cougar Convertible, 70 Cougar Eliminator Convertible, 71 Pantera, Ford Lightning, Torino Talladaga, Bill Elliot NASCAR Thunderbird.


Other Makes:

BMW 750i, 72 Lotus Europa, Monster Miata, 05 Lotus Elise, Ultima GTR.


This should answer most of the members questions about the general make up of our club.


Dave Ham

C.     Next Board Meeting

Board Meeting; Monday Jan 7th at The Hamburger Factory in Poway 7pm.
Membership invited, RSVP by Friday Jan 4th, Dinner paid by Club.

D.    Next Membership Meeting

Membership Meeting; Thursday Jan 17th at the Hamburger Factory in Poway 7pm.
Kick off to discuss ideas and events for the year. Self paid dinner.
14122 Midland Rd
Poway, CA

Phone: (858) 486-4575               

III. Car shows

A.   Dec 30 Carlsbad Coffee

The monthly last Saturday informal car show at the Carlsbad Outlet Mall 

IV.  Cruses

A.   TBD

V.     Open Track

A.   Dec 29 Saturday, AllTime Racing, Buttonwillow

AllTime Racing Presents

We are very excited to present this special Saturday event. Many of you have not had the pleasure of running this very exciting and challenging track yet. You will not be disappointed. It offers a large variety of turns and is very forgiving. The edges of the track itself are nicely groomed and in the case of an off track excursion you are in soft farm soil. Also, passengers are allowed which will make this much more family oriented.

OK, here is the deal. We need your quick consideration to make this event viable. This will be the same Alltime Racing format that you are accustomed to. Limited to the first 35 drivers, pricing will be $320 for this limited weekend event. If you register by November 30th the price is $280. Due to time constraints we ask that you please show your support as early as possible to help make this event happen.

We will be running configuration #25 clockwise.

This 3 mile road course is located 125 miles or 2 hours from Los Angeles.



0800 check in
0830 MANDATORY driver's meeting
0900 Classroom, Chalk Talk with Dan English
0900 "Faster" run group on track, 30 minute sessions
0930 "Fast" run group on track
0945 newbies ride with instructors
1200 Lunch time track tour

1300 Resume Hot Laps

1700 Checkered Flag, end of event.

Check Payment info:

Tim Herren

14750 Miller Ave,

Gardena, Ca, 90249

or PayPal :,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,14/year,2007/month,12/day,29/Itemid,29/

B.     Jan 2 Thunderhill with Green Flag Driving Assoc.

Announcement via email:

Greetings TMR Intermediate Drivers,

I have an opportunity for each of you to kick-off the new year at Thunderhill all day on Wed, January 2nd

I was recently contacted by a woman that wants to have a private track day for her son's 18th birthday.  What a Mom!    Anyway, I've talked the track and tentatively booked January 2nd, but we won't/can't make a 100% commitment unless we know we have at least 15 instructors, and about another 12~15 of YOU to fill out the event and help pay the bills.  It will be a small group for the day, which is good for track time and space out on course.  

The plan right now is to have a 3 run group format with Staff/Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice Run Groups.   We currently have about 15 Instructors identified, so we now need 12~15 drivers to add to the roster between the Staff/Adv and Intermediate run groups.  As mentioned above, this 3 run group format will yield loads of track time!(probably over 2.5 hours)  If this event happens, the cost will be $160 per car, and we will run 'rain or shine'.  At this point we need to get an idea of who can attend so we can 'lock-in' the event with the track and the parent.  

If you're interested in attending, send us a note this week at:   and let us know.  (we're heading to Laguna Seca today and we will only have access to this e-mail account the balance of the week)  We will inform you as soon as this is a 'GO', and then set-up a payment link on the website.    

Think about it, check your calendars, check with the boss, and lets make this kids 18th a memorable one!

Doug Gale

VI.  Vintage Racing

A.     Feb 9-10 2008 University of VARA Buttonwillow Raceway Park Events/University of VARA Entry letter 2008.pdf

VII.           Profiles

A.     Member Car Profile: NEEDED

Note: Please send submission (text and photos) for member car and personal profiles to the Editor,

VIII.        Tech Center

A.     Plans

The Tech Center is where we can place build articles, garage tips, project articles; Please send in invites to a project that you wish club participation

IX.  Links

For Open track events

Green Flag Open Track